Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | July 16, 2009

Brutal Death

It is a sin to steal, kill and these types of sins are normally commited by we, human beings.

There were these young boys aged 17and 16 years who were best friends, used to hung out together and did many things together. They used to come where we were and hung out with us too, we used to call them the funny guys because they used to make us laugh and be happy when whenever we were bored.

 We did not know what exactly they were doing,as we used to wonder how they used to pay up the house rent on their own. So we decided to ask one of them what they used to do in life and how they could manage to pay up rent amounting to sh 3,500 per month which we all knew it was so difficult for guys of that age to pay.

They refused to tell us and promised us that we would come to know with time. It did not take long for their top secret to become public.

A week later, in the evening it was around 5 pm when we heard gun shots and when we rushed across the road to look at what was happening, it was the two boys lying dead across the road. They were shot by the police.

 The policemen said they were shot after stealing a video machine and a television set and they were being traced after running away. They died while still handcuffed, a sorrowful death they encountered.

Whether they were thieves or not, the policemen would not have shot them if they were unarmed. So, who does the buck stop with? Is it the police commissioner or the minister for Defence?

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | November 15, 2008

Irresponsible behavior

She got married at a younger age, when she was barely 16 years of age.

This made me worry and one day my friend told me that there was something going on with the girls in our school that made teachers always complain about them.

Just two weeks earlier, I believed what my friend was telling me about what was going on with the girls in the school when I witnessed it.

It was on Friday evening when I realized that they were engaged in something very dangerous to them. We were from school when one of the girls changed from the school uniform to home clothes that she wore inside the uniform. That was her habit, Instead of that girl going home immediately, she used to pass somewhere else.

On Monday morning, her mother came to school complaining that her daughter had not reported home since Friday. The teacher told her that his daughter changed the clothes that day, they asked us what kind of clothes she put on. We told her that she had a black skirt, red top and high heeled shoes.

Her mother became confused, did not know what to do just wondering what has come over her child. Few days later, we heard that she got married and was already pregnant. I was shocked and imagined how that young girl who did not know more about marriage could do that.

When will this problem facing young girls and youths in general be ever solved ? since at that age she was supposed to be in school. It is a high time teachers started teaching students the dangers of such risky behaviors and their consequences.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | October 25, 2008

Thuggery in slums

The situation is getting out of hand, people’s security is being interfered with on a daily basis and the hooligans are getting more rough day by day.

Yesterday, on my way from the shop, I had to buy some other things from the supermarket. On my way, I heard someone crying, calling out for help.

Those who rushed to rescue him became scared on seeing him and asked him what was wrong but the man just uttered,”They have finished me.”

When we got there we found out that the man was badly hurt. He was wearing a black trouser and black sports shoes. He was seriously injured on his head blood was all over his body,one could hardly tell the color of his shirt as it was full of blood.

The people asked him what happened, the man said that he was from work and saw three people coming towards him, they grabbed him and asked him to give them his wallet and his phone. He said that when he tried to fight them, then they cut him on his head.

He was rushed to the hospital by good samaritans. I got scared and decided not to go to the supermarket and went home straight away.

It is the duty of the Government to protect all slum dwellers and people along the streets.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | October 18, 2008


For quite some time, people have lived in denial, pretending that the problems in existence are not real.

This is too much, you need to stop it or find the way on how to control the problem or there will be more skeletons lying around of small children.

I saw on TV some place in Kenya people are dying of hanger, what bothered me is that the children are in trouble because they cannot stand the situation of what they are going through. All they want is food.

In that incident I saw a small child who had no shoes and clothes, what he had on his full body was underwear. He looked sad, with bones protruding on his face . His parents were just looking up, wondering what had befallen them and what they could do.

We know that your are trying the best you can to get us out of this trouble, but doing your best is not enough because when doing that the other incident appears. Just days ago there was a report a place in Kenya, mothers and daughters are so desperate and were selling their bodies to the truck drivers so as to get money for buying food.

This is not a small issue of ignoring it just like that, the people are involving themselves in such dangerous life just to eat and drink so us to live and continue with their life. A girl of 17years going to sell her body to help his family, it sounds incredible, but the fact is, it is real.

Government, what exactly do you think this people are passing through ? Why always be the ones to be blamed of every thing that is happening, I know the people and the way they are living their life if there is any help they need provide for them show them that you care.

If you could have done this before this people could have just living their life instead of their daughters and sons dying they would just been better and healthy. Do something before its too late please.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | October 11, 2008

A habit is a disease

Four years ago, when I was 13, I had the best and most trusted friend in the world.

 Have you ever had a friend that you trust more than anyone else? Some of you will say that friends are not to be trusted because they can change at any time, but there are those who are to be trusted.

We never used drugs or hung out with bad company. We used to hang out together, have fun and discuss important things. People used to say that we were brothers, but for us we were just best friends.

One day when we were off from school, my friend told me that he was waiting for someone so I should just go home. But I decided to give him company. We waited for such a long time that I even got confused because it was getting dark and we had not seen anyone. At that time my friend saw who he was waiting for and he pointed at him to me.

Shocked, my heart started panting fast and I did not know what to do. I was scared. That guy’s eyes were red, and he had three scars on his forehead. When my friend introduced me to him I got more scared to shake hands with him, but my friend told me that it was okay.
Two weeks later, I noticed that my friend was using drugs. He was smoking bhang (marijuana) and cigarettes, he even started drinking. “This is getting worse!” I said to him. “You must stop this nonsense! this is not good for your life.” My friend did not even listen to one word that I was telling him; he even called me a baby. I became angry and went back home.
Four years after my friend became mad the neighbors started talking about him, asking what got into him.

This is not just about my friend, but all the youths who are in the streets. It is very difficult to tell them anything because when they get involved in drugs, they see others like small people for them to rule.

This problem is getting worse. People and the government need to realize the challenges that street kids are facing and help them. The youths are dying and need help. The drugs are overtaking them so they really need the government to take control by enforcing the law against those selling drugs.

If the government had taken control, my friend would still be healthy now. He was a friend that I loved and I still remember him. I’m pleading to the whole world to take control and stop people from using drugs.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | October 4, 2008

Corruption in the police force

We once had great policemen and women in our country. We Kenyans knew that they were the only friends we had.

If we had any problems we knew the place to go and solve them. We were not killing and abusing each other, we were respected by other countries as the peaceful country.

One day, I went to the police station to report a missing person, which was my best friend. When I got to the police and gave out the name of my friend,the police told us he had been locked up. I was confused and did not know what to do.

It pains a lot to watch how the police act unfairly at times. My friend was locked up for three days, yet he had committed no wrong. The police arrested him on his way from buying shoes and claimed that he was carrying with him Marijuana.

Just yesterday they arrested two people who were carrying drugs and selling it to young people and before midday they were out doing the same thing. I wondered what happened between the police and these guys…

I’m pleading to the government of Kenya and other countries to investigate what and how the police are doing their work. Ask them if they are keeping their duties as the police because they are not protecting us anymore. They are now corrupting the people. Don’t take away their jobs, just bring new ones and give them a transfer to somewhere else.

What is your problem? And what do you think you are doing to the people? Do you think it’s right? You must stop.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | September 27, 2008

Innocent But Dangerous

We were in the school at break time. My friends and I went outside to play ball. When we were out there, we noticed that the ball was in the trash so I went to get it.
As I moved closer, I saw a small bag in the trash and thought that it looked like a good thing which someone had thrown away, so I went ahead to see it. What I saw inside the bag shocked me so I just left the ball there and went back to the classroom, and kept asking myself questions to which I had no answers.

I was shocked on seeing that there are some people who are not supposed to be walking free in this world. They are acting like innocent people yet they are not. They are just like killers, the only difference is that they kill when people are not aware. That is why they fool people with their innocence.

She got herself in a situation that she did not want and now she is regretting about it. You can even find out that some of them were warned but they did not give an ear to the word of advice. Instead, they chose to ignore and continued with the same behavior.

Maybe she was still in school and became scared and confused. If she went to tell her partner about it, he just denies it and when she goes to her parents, they throw her out of the house. When she goes back to her partner, the issue will be how to get rid of the pregnancy. The only solution she will find is to go to the hospital and abort the baby while they know very well that it is dangerous to the woman’s life.

Do not kill the baby because you wanted the baby, so keep him or her alive. You asked for it, nobody asked for you. What if your parents aborted you, would you have been here? Shame on the doctors who help them do it, they must be arrested and kept in jail for life. You cry, saying “if I only knew,” if you only knew what?

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I fail to understand if the Almighty created people to abuse others for the way they look. I am feeling lonely because my friends don’t like me the way I am and my looks .

I do not know if I will ever be happy in this world because the way people talk about me and the way they treat. At times, I say to myself that the best thing to do is to end my life and leave this world.

I cannot swallow the bitter pill any more. It is hurting me and stressing me up, to an extent of seeing no need to talk to them. At times, I cannot avoid listening to their voices that come from outsiders and from my classmates. Right now I have listened to everything, the way they have addressed me and the way have made fun of me.

I respect myself the way I am and the way I look. I really appreciate that and I can never give God any doubt from the way he has made me.

I was with two eyes like any other child in this world. I lost my eye in an accident, in a way that I didn’t know that it was going to happen. You can’t know what will happen to you tomorrow. Just like me I didn’t know what was going to happen because I am not god. Don’t abuse others or hate them for the way they look please. Love them the way you love yourself.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | July 26, 2008

Lack of Jobs and Money

 The hearts of the people  are crying because of it. It has brought deaths in their land, which they don’t want. They are seeking help from others to stop and avoid this trap but they don’t get any help.

These people have passed their exams, others have their degrees but when they seek jobs they don’t get one. What else do you want them to do instead of stealing?

Some of them have their family but they  still lack food , clothes and the money to continue with their lives. They don’t have any money to open even a small business. This is exactly what makes them steal.

We all know that stealing is bad and that’s why they are being killed and others are captured by the police. The ones who are killed are killed while their family is watching and they can’t do anything because they are afraid of being killed. Maybe one of the victims is someone who went to school but after looking for a job, he didn’t find one  and went on stealing.

Their families are watching while their sons are being burned alive in front of them, they are bleeding and crying. At least, give their sons a job so instead of staying at home and getting themselves in bad habits they will have something to do. Don’t think that the educated ones are the only ones who can do the job that you are offering because the only difference is that they are from the high class. Even the poor ones who did not go to school can do the job.

We want business owners and the government to give them jobs and an opportunity for life so that they can continue with their lives happily and not going to steal and be killed, which brings deaths and more sorrows in their family.

Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | July 26, 2008

The Street Soccer

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