Posted by: elvisjamesmajani | July 16, 2009

Brutal Death

It is a sin to steal, kill and these types of sins are normally commited by we, human beings.

There were these young boys aged 17and 16 years who were best friends, used to hung out together and did many things together. They used to come where we were and hung out with us too, we used to call them the funny guys because they used to make us laugh and be happy when whenever we were bored.

 We did not know what exactly they were doing,as we used to wonder how they used to pay up the house rent on their own. So we decided to ask one of them what they used to do in life and how they could manage to pay up rent amounting to sh 3,500 per month which we all knew it was so difficult for guys of that age to pay.

They refused to tell us and promised us that we would come to know with time. It did not take long for their top secret to become public.

A week later, in the evening it was around 5 pm when we heard gun shots and when we rushed across the road to look at what was happening, it was the two boys lying dead across the road. They were shot by the police.

 The policemen said they were shot after stealing a video machine and a television set and they were being traced after running away. They died while still handcuffed, a sorrowful death they encountered.

Whether they were thieves or not, the policemen would not have shot them if they were unarmed. So, who does the buck stop with? Is it the police commissioner or the minister for Defence?


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